PROGRAMMING: The first step to successful office planning

The office programming process is a study of your current and future office requirements. It concerns corporate philosophy, personnel, functions, storage requirements, technology, and interaction among people and groups. It defines space types, sizes and special requirements. When completed, office programming becomes an outline that defines your new office's size, a direction for its design and a guideline for how your it will operate.

Office programming should be done before expanding or rearranging your current office and before searching for new office space. Programming defines and directs your search. Programming has a set procedure and should be performed by a qualified office planner.

For additional details about programming, contact the office planner at SIMON FOX & COMPANY.
Initial consultations are free.

This design tip is the first of a continuous series that will be featured in the WWW.SIMONFOX.COM web site.

Other topics will include:
Space Selection
Space Planning
Color and finish coordination
Office Technology
Office furniture.

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