OFFICE SITE SELECTION: Clients who are re-locating or searching for new office locations use office site selection studies. SIMON FOX & COMPANY planners meet with the client and develop a preliminary space program that includes the client's known functions and space requirements. It also outlines any special needs regarding building location, support requirements and economic constraints.

This program becomes the basis for a site search. Commercial real estate representatives will use it to locate potential locations. All sites fitting our preliminary criteria are subjected to a space planning test and presented to the client for review. This leads to a short list of alternatives and to lease negotiations.

It is important for the client to have his or her own representative during the preliminary planning phase. Our program injects control factors into the site selection process. It protects the client from leasing space that will not truly support the requirements of the company.

Fees for these services are charged on a square foot basis.

PLANNING SERVICES: Planning services are the next step in the office development process. Among this service group, is the development of the client's work letter. This is an outline of finish materials and details that will be used in the new office facility. It forms the basis for tenant improvements in lease negotiations and construction budgets. This is among the first items to be provided in the planning process.

Other services included are refinements in the preliminary space plan and more in-depth programming prior to the interior design process. Our planners perform detailed studies of your site paying special attention to re-useable assets from previous tenants and construction details. Inventories of re-useable furniture are done. A project budget is developed reviewed, revised and accepted prior to moving on to the design phase.

The goal of the planning process is to provide a conceptual outline of the function, aesthetics and cost of the office facility.

Fees for these services are charged on a square foot basis.


SIMON FOX & COMPANY is able to develop complete design documentation which includes space plans, lighting and power plans, interior finish detail plans, furniture plans, design elevations and details, various material schedules and specifications. Our documents are suitable for review and sealing by registered professionals, but do not include any structural items.

We maintain a complete library of interior finishes and components, along with our furniture library. Our colorists and designers use our libraries, along with additional research information, to develop interior environments that meet and exceed our clients' requirements and expectations.

Our designers are supported by state-of-the-art design software. Each designer is trained and literate in its application. This training is part of the knowledge and experience that is common to our staff and very important to our clients.

At SIMON FOX & COMPANY, we believe that the execution of a project is equally important as its design and planning. Our designers are also able to execute programs by acting as effective project managers. They effectively interact and coordinate with other professionals, building contractors, suppliers and vendors to assure compliance with our design documents, budgets and schedules. They visit sites to inspect the work being done. They report progress and other details to the client. At the completion of the project, they inspect all aspects and provide punch lists to rectify any minor problems.

Fees for our services will be supplied on request.

Our planning and design services provide our clients with the total involvement of skilled design professionals from the beginning to the end of their projects. This, combined with our knowledge and ability to provide office furniture products and services, means a true single source team for the development of the modern office environment.

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